Terms & Conditions

Hours of Operation

We work collectively on your project Monday-Friday 10am-6pm. Three Studios Multimedia is closed on all major holidays. Availability and dates subject to change without notice due to production schedules on different projects.

Travel Production & Rates

Travel/Production fees such as lodging, milage/gas, airfare, and meal compensation are not included in pricing unless outlined.

Project Schedule

The work outlined will be turned around within a reasonable, non-rush schedule unless otherwise noted. Three Studios Multimedia will determine the duration, completion, and delivery of each project and not be held liable for delays due to client revisions, late content submission, or non-communication from client. Because we offer limitless revision for some of our services,we cannot accurately predict that a client will turn-around revisions within a reasonable timeframe. All turn-around times are estimates based on previous projects and factors.


The Client will own digital content delivered royalty free from Three Studios for unlimited personal and commercial use without expiring. Three Studios does hold the right to showcase any or all part of the work produced for Client without limitation or expiration.

Client Responsibilites

CLIENT and/or CLIENT’s subcontractors will provide accurate, complete and timely information and materials to Three Studios Multimedia. CLIENT guarantees that they have all the necessary rights and ownership in such materials provided to permit Three Studios Multimedia to use them for the project and will not hold Three Studios Multimedia accountable for legal issues for unlicensed material provided by CLIENT. Client must provide in writing the priority of the requested, assigned projects.

Client Approvals

CLIENT will approve and proofread all final designs, type, press proofs, videos, and websites. THREE STUDIOS will do it's best that no information is misrepresented, However, CLIENT assumes all responsibility for content after delivery. CLIENT’s approval of all materials and artwork will be assumed after 5 days of the work submitted to CLIENT for review, unless CLIENT indicates otherwise in writing within 3 days.

Client Changes & Revisions

In order to avoid errors, any changes, revisions, and corrections will must be provided electronically through e-mail. Please be detailed and provide accurate information.

Credit for Works

It is not required to credit Three Studios Multimedia for content delivered.

Content Delivery

Work and/or content will be delivered digitally via online digital content delivery service and/or electronic mail.

Billing & Payment

A Deposit is due before beginning project. Each project's deposit may differ based on total price/balance for the service.
Final project balance is due upon completion of 1st draft before revisions may be considered. This is to best allow for limitless revisions for select services.
Accepted Payments include: Debit or Credit via PayPal online services.

Service Interuption

If Final project balance or Bill is not paid, service will pause and content will not be delivered until bill is paid in full or up to date. All payments received are not refundable. In the event the relationship is terminated for any reason, Three Studios Multimedia will bill for any work completed up until termination.

Technical Issues

Three Studios is not liable for loss of data, content, footage, and or any digital content created due to hardware, software, or technical digital delivery issues. We work very hard to prevent dataloss and have an extensive back-up program to for projects.

Length of Content Storage

After your project has been completed and submitted we cannot gurantee that we will have your project available to continue work on in the future. If you're part of our Monthly Creative Content program, we hold on o your content throughout the duration of the contract.